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Super Heroes

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A while back I used to watch one of my favorite cartoons which happens to be “Heman” (1983). For those of you who don’t know, Heman is about a prince named Adam from a planet called Eternia. Adam was given a magic sword that gave him super power when he said, “By the honor of grayskull” the sword gave him the power to become the strongest man in the universe. Adams destiny was to protect Eternia from super powered evil forces. One day while I was watching this show with my son he turned to me and said, “Daddy, can people really have super powers and be super heroes?” My son was shocked when i answered him, “yes.”

I told my son that that when we study biblical history we learn that God demonstrated super natural powers through humans several times in the past. This made those people seem as if they were super humans to other people. David from the story of “David and Goliath” was given super human powers by Yahweh. Although he was the youngest and smallest among  his brothers he battled Bears, Lions, and Killed Goliath (who happened to be a Giant that stood over nine feet tall) with nothing more than a rock and sling shot.

Samson from the story of “Samson and Delilah” was another biblical super hero. Samson was a Jewish Judge who was blessed by Yahweh with super human strength. Samson was almost unstoppable but had only one weakness: Yahweh said that Samson must never cut his hair or he would lose his super strength. Samson was betrayed by his wife who cut his locks off while he was sleeping and caused him to lose his super powers.

My son had a look of astonishment on his face but still asked, “How do you know it really happened?” I told my son that by studying Christian Apologetics you will learn and understand why people many people believe in the Bible. When we begin to study the origin of the holy Bible (original gospel) we discover that the Bible is actually a collection of eyewitness’s recording what they heard and saw. It is what makes the Bible so special because it shows proof the Bible is true. It’s the same reason we believe the great philosopher Apollo ever really existed is because we have his writings, and writings from other people who heard, knew, or saw him during the time he supposedly lived. The original Gospel that forms the Bible is the same thing.

My son said, “I wish there were still super heroes around.”  My son was once again shocked when I told him, “There are!” When people risk their lives and give their lives to save others, it is because they were given super human courage and  strength by God. My son said, “Daddy I want to have super powers!” I told my son that we all have jobs to do for God whether it requires super powers or not, and that my best friend is a super hero. Before I could say another word, my son excitedly asked “Who is it daddy? Who?” I told my son that my best friend is an immortal that saved the entire world from eternal damnation with powers to forgive sin, heal the sick, walk on water, raise the dead, and much more. I told my son that His name is Jesus and that He is still fighting evil and watching over us till this day.

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Christian Apologetics – The Bible?

So why do you believe in the Bible? Do you know why it is the most popular book in the world? Many people challenge the Bible saying that it is made up or a lie. Of course, if it is a lie the bible or “Original Gospel” would be the most well thought up and executed fabrication in world history. The people who say that the bible is a lie or has been changed, haven’t actually done their homework on the subject. The Bible or “Original Gospel” is not one book. It is actually 66 books written by 40 different authors most of which never met or lived and died hundreds or thousands of years apart from one another. In fact the original gospel had more than 66 books, more than 40 authors, and the books were written in different languages. The books are actually manuscripts that were found scattered around the three major continents: Africa, Asia, and Europe. The manuscripts were written over a period of 4,000 years and were later translated into English by the English church and scribes of King James the first around 1604 AD. King James had The Manuscripts translated because people asked the same question that they do now. “If we can’t translate the gospel, how do we know your telling the truth?” For this reason King James the first had different scribes who could translate the manuscripts write them in English. After the Books were translated, King James only picked 66 books to make the Bible but he did not place them in the order that the original authors wrote them. For example: Moses wrote “Genesis” and King James placed it as the first book of in Bible, but Job wrote the “Book Of Job” before Moses wrote “Genesis.” The “Book of Job” is the oldest written book in the Bible but King James placed it as the eighteenth (18th) book of the Bible. What is more interesting is that Moses and Job most likely never heard of one another and yet they are worshiping the same Great Being. Even more interesting is that Job was not Jewish. Job is one of two non-Jewish authors who wrote the Bible. Job was more of a Muslim than a Jew, but worshiped the same God as the Jews. This makes sense because the Jews and Muslims were the same people. The father of the Jews (Abraham) was not a Jew but resembled that of a Muslim. He did not know Gods name and just called Him Allah (God). So the Jews are actually a chosen blood line from the Muslims. Of course they weren’t called Muslims at that time because Muhammad had not yet been born or converted them to his belief in the gospel.

Nowadays people can still translate all of the original manuscripts that make up the Bible (and trust me people are checking it everyday just find a mistake). Even people who are against the Bible and against God translate and read all of the original manuscripts just so that they can prove the Bible wrong but have been unable to do so. So if the Bible and by Bible I mean the “Original Gospel” was a lie or has been forged, you have been heard about it by now because too many people want to prove the Bible wrong.

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intelligent design

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Creationism Vs. Evolution

Christian Apologetics

So why don’t Christians believe in evolution? Is it just blind faith, ignorance, pride, or the truth? Many major Universities are now teaching evolution, and many once religious college students are now denouncing their beliefs in God. So why is this concept of evolution or should I say, “theory” so convincing? Many religious parents of all faiths believe that the same universities that promote and teach evolution should also teach about Creation. Creationism is the belief that the universe was created by an entity greater than itself using evidence from scientific discovery.

Many of the major Universities that teach evolution feel that if the if the parents of their students want their children to be taught creationism they should put their children into a religious school. This is a result of non- religious sects fighting to keep schools from teaching religion in their classrooms. Many religious families believe that the truth should be taught at all major universities, no matter who it offends. This argument can go on and on but why is the theory of evolution taught in school as if it were the “fact of evolution”

This is the problem. The theory of evolution doesn’t have a lot of evidence to back it up. When you look around at all living creatures on this planet, you won’t find anything still evolving. We cannot find any of the missing links that connect all living creatures back to a single species, and trust me there are thousands of missing links! Why did all of those species disappear forever? The link between ape and man has never been seen! The ape-man link is a newer species that evolved from ape and then into man but where are they now! We still have apes and we still have man but we have never found the missing link. We have never found any of thousands upon thousands of species (missing links) that by all logic should be still walking or flying around to this day. Even when you try to find evolution on a molecular level (see if anything is evolving under a microscope) there is none. Cells can not reanimate themselves nor can they break through their original genetic coding to become an entirely new species. That would be considered “Super Natural” and would be seen as hypocritical thinking.

However when it comes to intelligent design there is tons of physical evidence both scientifically and historically. Although you cannot find evolution on a molecular level it is actually easier to see evidence of intelligent design on a microscopic level. So many religious parents say that the theory of evolution is actually a religion that is being pushed onto our children because it takes a lot more faith to believe evolution occurred without proof, than it takes to believe scientific and historical facts.

So why are our children so ready to believe in evolution? Because of what their parents are raising them to believe. Believe it or not, what you teach your child will effect what they come to believe in. Religious parents make one major mistake when educating their children; they teach their children that dinosaurs were real! Dinosaurs did not appear until the early 1900s nor has anyone ever found more than a couple of so called “dinosaur bones” not the entire skeleton. They never found more than a head, neck bone, teeth, and back bones. We never find their legs! and the first dino-skeletons to be found fully intact were not found until people started complaining that we never found a whole dinosaur. Not to mention that we use a very flawed system of determining the age of rock to figure out the age of these creatures. What is even more weird is that there are no more dinosaurs at all! It is the first time in the history of the universe that an entire “Kind” was wiped out of the universe. There are no dinosaurs, not Big ones, little ones, flying ones, or swimming ones. No other species has ever done that. They say that saber tooth cats went extinct and mega cats like mega lions are extinct but we still have cats. The same goes for birds, dogs, fish, man, plants and insects. All except the most unlucky species to have ever lived in the universe or walked the face of the Earth (The Dinosaurs).

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Proof of God

          Is there a God? Does history prove that God is real? All throughout history there have been recordings of a great being. There has been more recordings of this great being than there ever was of dinosaurs. Well to tell you the truth dragons have been seen more than dinosaurs but that’s another story. Many people have their own idea about who invented God. God was not invented and there is so much evidence it’s ridiculous. I have even heard such things as the original bible being fabricated but if it were it would have to be the best, most complex, well carried out and executed plan ever in the history of the world (even more than the dinosaur). My friend even tried to convince me that polytheism existed before monotheism just because he read several books without doing his own research. Despite the sudden craze people have with claiming they can disprove the original Gospel, after researching their claims I find huge gaps and holes in their stories no matter how well educated they may seem to be. He told me that the original Bible is that of the Canaanites and Babylonians, and that their bibles focused on polytheism and was the influence for the three major religions of the world. That is nowhere near the truth. Too many holes in the story. For one, he believes that the Canaanite religion came before the first five books of the bible. He believes that it was written around 1600 BC. Well that’s when I knew he had been misled. Contrary to what most scholars believe; there is tons of evidence that the enslavement of the Hebrews occurred in Egypt and evidence recorded by both the Egyptians and the Hebrews of how they came to occupy Egypt and evidence of the Exodus. So why do we miss this obvious evidence. Elementary my dear Watson! Simply because of racism and timeline conflicts.

According to “Master Science” by Meek Godmanseed, World timeline is based off Egyptian Timeline because it’s the oldest recording of time we have but this is obviously off by 300 to 400 years due to massive amounts of evidence. According to “Master Science” the enslavement of the Hebrews would have occurred around 2300 to 2200 BC and the Exodus would have occurred somewhere around 1900 to 1800 BC. The first five books of the bible were written by Moses around 1900 to 1800 BC which was written 400 to 300 years before the Canaanites and Babylonians even wrote their bible. Not to mention that the oldest Book in the Bible was not written by Moses nor by a Hebrew/Jew. The Book of Job was written by what Meek Godmanseed calls an “Ancient Muslim” (The Bible calls them gentiles) and is assumed to predate the Exodus by 200 to 300 years, that’s 2600 to 2200 BC. We can come to this conclusion by studying the writings about Hebrews left behind by Ancient Egyptians.

Why can’t anyone find proof that the Egyptians wrote about the Hebrews. Easy racism! They cannot see the obvious similarity between the Hebrews and Nubians according to “Master Science” by Meek Godmanseed. If you are interested in learning the truth about the original gospel and proof that the holy bible is historically sound (Christian Apologetics)please read “Masters Science” for yourself. It covers intelligent design (creationism) and the history of God. You can even get a free copy of the book that covers examples of intelligent designs. Go to to check it out.

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God and History

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Imhotep Vs. Joseph

Many people doubt the validity of the Original Gospel (Biblical History) because they say that the bible is incorrect about the Origin of the Jewish faith. According to the Original Gospel the Hebrews were the first to practice the Jewish religion. According the Original Gospel, the name “Hebrew” is a name given to the monotheistic immigrants who occupied Ancient Egypt along side the native polytheistic Egyptian population, and the name “Hebrew” was given to these people by the Ancient Egyptians themselves. According to the original gospel (Biblical History) the arrival of the Hebrews to Ancient Egypt is due to there descendant Joseph, who was the son of a man named Israel. Israel and his family (including Joseph) believed in one God. According to Ancient Sanskrit this God was called “Allah” which in Ancient Arabic is translated as, “Most High” or “All Mighty” this is why the Egyptians were not offended by the Hebrew faith, because The Egyptians used the word “Allah” to refer to the Sun god. For example: “Allah Sun Ra” or “Sun Ra Allah” According to the Original Gospel, Joseph was blessed by God to interpret dreams and see prophecies from God, because of this gift Joseph was left for dead, enslaved, and then imprisoned as a result of his own brothers jealously. Eventually word reached Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt about a man in prison who could interpret dreams. Pharaoh freed Joseph from prison in the hopes that he could interpret a troubling reoccurring dream that pestered the Pharaoh. Joseph told the Pharaoh that his dream meant that Egypt would undergo a terrible seven year famine, and Joseph showed Pharaoh how to store and preserve grain to beat the famine. According to the Original Gospel (Biblical History) Pharaoh was so pleased with Joseph that he gave him an Egyptian name and gave Joseph charge over Egypt, making his rule second only to Pharaoh. Joseph Having charge over Egypt; forgave his brothers and Joseph’s family was allowed to live in the southern part of Egypt where they grew in great number and called themselves “the children of Israel” because they were all descendants of Joseph’s father.

The problem is that people say that there is no evidence that this ever happened. According to many historians these events would have taken place around 2300 to 2200 BC. The Egyptians did not right anything close to those events happening around 2300 to 2200 BC but according to “Master Science” by Meek Godmanseed, our translation of Ancient Egyptian timeline is off by about 300 to 400 years. So… if you go back another 300 to 400 years you will run across one of the worlds most famous Ancient Egyptian “Imhotep.” The Egyptians said that Imhotep was the only commoner to be exalted to royalty and is famous for ending a Seven year famine that had struck the land. He was considered the father of medicine (introduced medicine to the Egyptians who thought evil spirits made them sick), taught the Egyptians the mummification technique and was the designer of the original pyramids which at that time were used for preservation. What Imhotep and Joseph did for Ancient Egypt is so similar to each other you have to blind not to see that they are the same person and that Hebrew timeline is a more accurate account of God and History. For more information on this topic and other more controversial topics that prove the validity of the Holy Bible AKA Christian Apologetics, consider reading “Master Science” by Meek Godmanseed. The book is very powerful and will keep you reading and begging for more. “Master Science” covers proof of God using intelligent design (creationism), and facts about world history to explain God and History. You can even get a free sample copy of the section that covers creationism. Just go to and order your copy or get you free sample copy right now!

Who is God
God and HistoryWho is GodIs God Real

Is there a God?


Apologetics: The ability to argue, prove, or defend a theory or belief using physical evidence (Scientifically and Historically)

If you are a religious person or you would just like to learn more about your religion then it is a good idea to learn about the physical evidence pertaining to what you believe in. It is good to know when and where your religion originated and who started it. A long time ago you could walk up to a person and ask the question, “Do you know that Jesus loves you?” and they would most likely say “Yes” or “I did not know that” but now in these present times telling people that God loves them is not enough. People say that science has answered everything and choose not to believe in God and would rather believe in evolution. Of course if they did actually master different sciences they would have known that all science leads to an unknown force that scientist hope to one day discover. In hopes to discover the truth scientist make theories based off of scientific discovery and evidence called an hypothesis.

An hypothesis is an educated guess,  it’s not a fact until it is PROVEN. So to stop a very ignorant lie; Science does not explain everything. Science is the name given to the study of the universe, and believe it or not the study of science is Christian originated. Science was originally meant to help explain how God created the universe (a little bit of history for you to research). The belief that God created the universe is called: Creationism. This belief does not specify “who is God” and promotes the hypothesis of “Intelligent Design” This hypothesis is apologetic because it theoretically answers the question, “is there a God?” and therefore falls under the study of Apologetics.

If you would like to study Christian Apologetics and become an apologist Check out “Master Science” by Meek Godmanseed. It’s great must-have apologetic literature. The first section of the book shows you good examples of intelligent design (You can get this section free as an E-book by going to the main site). The second section covers God and History and is guaranteed to shock you and have you begging for more. You can get the book for $9.99 or 99 cent in E-book form. You can even download a free sample just by going to