Christian Apologetics – The Bible?

So why do you believe in the Bible? Do you know why it is the most popular book in the world? Many people challenge the Bible saying that it is made up or a lie. Of course, if it is a lie the bible or “Original Gospel” would be the most well thought up and executed fabrication in world history. The people who say that the bible is a lie or has been changed, haven’t actually done their homework on the subject. The Bible or “Original Gospel” is not one book. It is actually 66 books written by 40 different authors most of which never met or lived and died hundreds or thousands of years apart from one another. In fact the original gospel had more than 66 books, more than 40 authors, and the books were written in different languages. The books are actually manuscripts that were found scattered around the three major continents: Africa, Asia, and Europe. The manuscripts were written over a period of 4,000 years and were later translated into English by the English church and scribes of King James the first around 1604 AD. King James had The Manuscripts translated because people asked the same question that they do now. “If we can’t translate the gospel, how do we know your telling the truth?” For this reason King James the first had different scribes who could translate the manuscripts write them in English. After the Books were translated, King James only picked 66 books to make the Bible but he did not place them in the order that the original authors wrote them. For example: Moses wrote “Genesis” and King James placed it as the first book of in Bible, but Job wrote the “Book Of Job” before Moses wrote “Genesis.” The “Book of Job” is the oldest written book in the Bible but King James placed it as the eighteenth (18th) book of the Bible. What is more interesting is that Moses and Job most likely never heard of one another and yet they are worshiping the same Great Being. Even more interesting is that Job was not Jewish. Job is one of two non-Jewish authors who wrote the Bible. Job was more of a Muslim than a Jew, but worshiped the same God as the Jews. This makes sense because the Jews and Muslims were the same people. The father of the Jews (Abraham) was not a Jew but resembled that of a Muslim. He did not know Gods name and just called Him Allah (God). So the Jews are actually a chosen blood line from the Muslims. Of course they weren’t called Muslims at that time because Muhammad had not yet been born or converted them to his belief in the gospel.

Nowadays people can still translate all of the original manuscripts that make up the Bible (and trust me people are checking it everyday just find a mistake). Even people who are against the Bible and against God translate and read all of the original manuscripts just so that they can prove the Bible wrong but have been unable to do so. So if the Bible and by Bible I mean the “Original Gospel” was a lie or has been forged, you have been heard about it by now because too many people want to prove the Bible wrong.

Proof of God, is there a GodWho is God,

intelligent design

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