Super Heroes

Christian Answers

A while back I used to watch one of my favorite cartoons which happens to be “Heman” (1983). For those of you who don’t know, Heman is about a prince named Adam from a planet called Eternia. Adam was given a magic sword that gave him super power when he said, “By the honor of grayskull” the sword gave him the power to become the strongest man in the universe. Adams destiny was to protect Eternia from super powered evil forces. One day while I was watching this show with my son he turned to me and said, “Daddy, can people really have super powers and be super heroes?” My son was shocked when i answered him, “yes.”

I told my son that that when we study biblical history we learn that God demonstrated super natural powers through humans several times in the past. This made those people seem as if they were super humans to other people. David from the story of “David and Goliath” was given super human powers by Yahweh. Although he was the youngest and smallest among  his brothers he battled Bears, Lions, and Killed Goliath (who happened to be a Giant that stood over nine feet tall) with nothing more than a rock and sling shot.

Samson from the story of “Samson and Delilah” was another biblical super hero. Samson was a Jewish Judge who was blessed by Yahweh with super human strength. Samson was almost unstoppable but had only one weakness: Yahweh said that Samson must never cut his hair or he would lose his super strength. Samson was betrayed by his wife who cut his locks off while he was sleeping and caused him to lose his super powers.

My son had a look of astonishment on his face but still asked, “How do you know it really happened?” I told my son that by studying Christian Apologetics you will learn and understand why people many people believe in the Bible. When we begin to study the origin of the holy Bible (original gospel) we discover that the Bible is actually a collection of eyewitness’s recording what they heard and saw. It is what makes the Bible so special because it shows proof the Bible is true. It’s the same reason we believe the great philosopher Apollo ever really existed is because we have his writings, and writings from other people who heard, knew, or saw him during the time he supposedly lived. The original Gospel that forms the Bible is the same thing.

My son said, “I wish there were still super heroes around.”  My son was once again shocked when I told him, “There are!” When people risk their lives and give their lives to save others, it is because they were given super human courage and  strength by God. My son said, “Daddy I want to have super powers!” I told my son that we all have jobs to do for God whether it requires super powers or not, and that my best friend is a super hero. Before I could say another word, my son excitedly asked “Who is it daddy? Who?” I told my son that my best friend is an immortal that saved the entire world from eternal damnation with powers to forgive sin, heal the sick, walk on water, raise the dead, and much more. I told my son that His name is Jesus and that He is still fighting evil and watching over us till this day.

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