Creationism Vs. Evolution

Christian Apologetics

So why don’t Christians believe in evolution? Is it just blind faith, ignorance, pride, or the truth? Many major Universities are now teaching evolution, and many once religious college students are now denouncing their beliefs in God. So why is this concept of evolution or should I say, “theory” so convincing? Many religious parents of all faiths believe that the same universities that promote and teach evolution should also teach about Creation. Creationism is the belief that the universe was created by an entity greater than itself using evidence from scientific discovery.

Many of the major Universities that teach evolution feel that if the if the parents of their students want their children to be taught creationism they should put their children into a religious school. This is a result of non- religious sects fighting to keep schools from teaching religion in their classrooms. Many religious families believe that the truth should be taught at all major universities, no matter who it offends. This argument can go on and on but why is the theory of evolution taught in school as if it were the “fact of evolution”

This is the problem. The theory of evolution doesn’t have a lot of evidence to back it up. When you look around at all living creatures on this planet, you won’t find anything still evolving. We cannot find any of the missing links that connect all living creatures back to a single species, and trust me there are thousands of missing links! Why did all of those species disappear forever? The link between ape and man has never been seen! The ape-man link is a newer species that evolved from ape and then into man but where are they now! We still have apes and we still have man but we have never found the missing link. We have never found any of thousands upon thousands of species (missing links) that by all logic should be still walking or flying around to this day. Even when you try to find evolution on a molecular level (see if anything is evolving under a microscope) there is none. Cells can not reanimate themselves nor can they break through their original genetic coding to become an entirely new species. That would be considered “Super Natural” and would be seen as hypocritical thinking.

However when it comes to intelligent design there is tons of physical evidence both scientifically and historically. Although you cannot find evolution on a molecular level it is actually easier to see evidence of intelligent design on a microscopic level. So many religious parents say that the theory of evolution is actually a religion that is being pushed onto our children because it takes a lot more faith to believe evolution occurred without proof, than it takes to believe scientific and historical facts.

So why are our children so ready to believe in evolution? Because of what their parents are raising them to believe. Believe it or not, what you teach your child will effect what they come to believe in. Religious parents make one major mistake when educating their children; they teach their children that dinosaurs were real! Dinosaurs did not appear until the early 1900s nor has anyone ever found more than a couple of so called “dinosaur bones” not the entire skeleton. They never found more than a head, neck bone, teeth, and back bones. We never find their legs! and the first dino-skeletons to be found fully intact were not found until people started complaining that we never found a whole dinosaur. Not to mention that we use a very flawed system of determining the age of rock to figure out the age of these creatures. What is even more weird is that there are no more dinosaurs at all! It is the first time in the history of the universe that an entire “Kind” was wiped out of the universe. There are no dinosaurs, not Big ones, little ones, flying ones, or swimming ones. No other species has ever done that. They say that saber tooth cats went extinct and mega cats like mega lions are extinct but we still have cats. The same goes for birds, dogs, fish, man, plants and insects. All except the most unlucky species to have ever lived in the universe or walked the face of the Earth (The Dinosaurs).

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